Artovermatter introduces A Set A Day.

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consisting of five or more photos that are posted daily.
A single set of photographs each day, for 100 days.

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Set 36: Food by Corina

How’s this for memories of Trek? Trek was this 6-months mission program that I did for the first half of this year (2011). Evidently, we were all well fed during training and debrief. All these lovely food were done by Corina Wiens-Reimer. This family travelled across Canada and North America to cook for different short-term(…)

Set 35: The Town of Fort Langley

I call this set “the town of Fort Langley” because Fort Langley is not really a city, and these photos are not of the Fort. So where is Fort Langley? and what is it? Well, Fort Langley is a National Historic site of where British Columbia was birthed. For more information, go to this website.(…)

Set 34: Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe

I did say on twitter that I was going to have to eat at Sophie’s for breakfast after listening to her talk at Pecha Kucha the other night. So I did. I had the lumberjack breakfast while my friend had the breakfast special. They were awesome! Love the hot sauce (which I have neglected to(…)

Set 33: The Essence of Ikea

I’ve been to Ikea so many times, but this was the first time I notice the history board. Have you ever notice it before? This board contains quotes of the founder of Ikea as well as the history and philosophy behind the giant furniture company. This board personifies the corporation for me. So I started(…)

Set 32: Lights up, then blurs

I’m actually uncertain on what to name this set. See the shots and you’ll understand. More night shots of Vancouver.

Set 31: Pecha Kucha Vancouver

Isn’t Pecha Kucha a cute name? This was my first Pecha Kucha, it was held at the Vogue Theatre on Granville Street, Downtown Vancouver. Topic of the night was FOOD! And perhaps one can argue, bacon? We heard from awesome speakers from JJ Bean founder, Quang Dong the new Chef Executive at West, Sophie of(…)

Set 30: A Trip to Ikea – Textures

Another set of texture shots, taken on a trip to Ikea. Lots of fabric materials, lots of colours. I love walking around Ikea, it’s almost like Disneyland.. Sort of.

Set 29: Burnaby at Dawn

As title said. Taken from a friend’s apartment building. A rare view at this season, bound to be celebrated in this set at the very least.

Set 28: Lines Are All I See (Downtown)

I was walking downtown once with a camera in hand. For some reason on that day, all is see are lines! Lines everywhere, on the skyscrapers, window sills, building lines, staircases, even the railroads. Do you see what I see?

Set 27: Rough Around the Edges

This is Downtown Vancouver, Downtown East Side, commonly now known as DTES. It’s rough around the edges and arguably rough all around. I took a lot of rough texture shots to capture the essence of the area, yet found a lot of colours and carefully done masterpieces. There are elements of art lying around in(…)

Set 26: Enjoying The Beautiful British Columbia

It’s been really cold here in Vancouver for the past few days, it even started snowing. On the days when the air is clear, you can see the beautiful range of mountains all over B.C. This set focuses on the beauty of these mountains. There were two gentlemen that were enjoying the view the same(…)

Set 25: Graffiti

This is the 1/4th mark! out of my 100 days commitment at I have been noticing a lot of graffiti lately. In spirit of that, I’d like to showcase some graffiti photos I took in Ukraine this year, and a couple from Vancouver (the last two) several years back. I remember talking to some(…)

Set 24: A View From The Top (Granville Island)

If you haven’t noticed yet, I love Granville Island. This set is of Granville Island again, but from the top. Zooming into the streets and the public market. The first few are fun. They are made of several photos stitched together, taken with a 10-22mm.

Set 23: Vancouver in its Glory

This was a week ago. It was once fall, then it’s winter (noting the snow last night). False Creek/Granville Island/Burrard Bridge doesn’t represent the whole Vancouver, but it’s a big part of it, at least for me. I’ve always loved the view in this area, you see them a lot in my work, including my(…)

Set 22: The Yale Hotel, Vancouver

This one is a bit of a strange story. I was walking down Granville Bridge last Saturday after renting some equipments at Beau for an event, when I came across the Yale Hotel. I was taking some snapshots when a lady started talking to me. She was standing by the bus stop at that intersection,(…)

Set 21: Black and White Grooves

A few more photos from Saturday night. This was taken before the debate competition, a groovy jam session with the band. There’s some talent here

Set 20: The Debate Competition

“Suarakan Nasionalismemu” which means Voice out your Nationalism/Patriotism, in Indonesian. This is a teaser of the debate competition I shoot on Saturday. More will come.

Set 19: Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

During my visit to Narita, Japan, I visited the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple and these are the photos from it. See this website for more details on the temple. I’d love to be a travel photographer! It’ll be perfect to get to travel AND take photos at the same time. How does travel photographer make money(…)

Set 18: A Trip to Narita, Japan

Once I had the opportunity to stop by Narita on my way to Indonesia. Decided to walk around the city and explore what the city has to offer. I loved it. The Japanese culture is defined from the way things are. Decorations, foods, plants, buildings, planks of store names, street decorations, etc. Enjoy!

Set 17: Bridal Shower in the Snow?

So the bridal shower continues outside in the light snow.. This was definitely a dig in the old hard drive. Basically just a photoshoot of the to-be-bride and her girls friends. A bit of fun at the end with a friend popping out the balloons.

Set 16: Bridal Shower

I’ll admit it. I failed. I didn’t post anything yesterday. So I cheated, I’m uploading two sets today. This first one is of a friend’s bridal shower. Less of a program, more about people that was in it. This isn’t your regular bridal shower, yes we have cute children around eating cupcakes and playing with(…)

Set 15: White Rock

Once upon a time in White Rock. minus the infamous White Rock itself, go figure. Another dig into the past, sorry!

Set 14: Random Animals

Yes they are indeed random.. We’ve got parrots, seagull, orang utan, butterflies and swan. some were taken here in Vancouver, others were taken in Indonesia (travel photos will be uploaded in near future). What do you think of these shots?

Set 13: Fireworks

To be honest, I’ve been consumed with this one project that I don’t have time to go out and shoot new picture, so for the next couple of days I will process old photos for ya. This was taken during one of Vancouver’s annual Celebration of Light at the end of Summer a few years(…)

Set 12: Textures

This set is of random textures I’ve taken over time. Some were taken in a park, others were around the city. Some are of trees, some are of random objects.

Set 11: Scattered

Bored of Autumn leaves yet? This should be the last of them. I’ll be creative and take pictures of other things. Got suggestions?

Set 10: Wet and Beautiful

Another set for the Fall series. This set is wet and beautiful. Taken obviously on a rainy day, right after the rain stopped pouring. I find it amusing how water drops can make an object so much more appealing and beautiful. And since Christmas is just around the corner (that’s right), I think the last(…)

Set 9: Autumn/Fall – Up Close and Personal

Today we have a set of gorgeous autumn / fall leaves. Not much can be said about them. A picture worth a thousand words, well there are 16 of them (I keep adding to it). I spent the day at Creative Mix Conference at the Roundhouse at Yaletown today, it was awesome. See my live(…)

Set 8: Children in Ukraine 2

This set is somewhat a continuation of yesterday’s set. This one comes as individuals instead of a series. Keep in mind that I didn’t have my SLR with me in Ukraine. This is all achieved with a Canon Powershot SX130IS.

Set 7: Children I met in Ukraine 1

I love children. I’m dividing this set into two days because of the nature of the set. This particular set consists of a series of shots. Children are always on the move, they run around, they move, they’re active. I don’t think it would do them justice if I just pick one photo from each(…)

Set 6: Colours of Autumn

It’s Monday, it’s halloween. Vancouver has been taken over by multitudes of colours and scary people over the weekend. I’m not doing a set on scary people because they scare me. Instead, this set is all about the colours of Fall / Autumn. Beautiful I think. What do you think?  

Set 5: Worship

It’s Sunday, it’s a day of worship. So to celebrate I’m posting a set of photos of a corporate worship setting taken some time ago. The set progresses starting with setting up, to the band, the audience, and the closing of the event.

Set 4: Me and things

I was debating whether I should continue the sets over the weekend or wait til Monday, but I guess a photo each day is each day, not just weekday. So anyway, since today is my birthday, today’s set is about ME! yes me. Excuse the self-centredness. I love Disney, period. Why Eeyore? I’m not sure..(…)

Set 3: Upon the Chinatown Gate

As the name represents, this set was taken mostly at the gate of Chinatown (Vancouver, BC, Canada) and a few steps around the area. I chose black and white for this set because I think it works best to capture the roughness of life in the area. This set comes is later in the day(…)

Set 2: Bokeh at Night

Yes, this is real bokeh. None of those photoshop effects. I’d love to build my collection on this in the future, but meanwhile, here are 6 of them. PS: If you’d like to learn how to do this in photoshop, I think abduzeedo has one of the best tutorial out there [link]  

Set 1: Across the Water

This is a set of photograph of a section of False Creek in Vancouver from across the water. Shown in the shots are BC Place Stadium, Vancouver Expo Garden and Science World. What do you think of this first set? Location: View Larger Map